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Vendor FAQs

Does your garage sale or business bring you hundreds, sometimes thousands, of potential customers in a 9 hour period? If not... try The Shady Hollow Flea Market. We're here to provide a friendly and profitable place for you to sell your goods and products, old or new. Let us answer a few of the questions you may have about renting a space at northern Minnesota's best flea market.

Do I need a reservation?

Can I reserve my space?

Do you have a frequent vendor program?

How much does a space cost for the flea market?

What is the Weekend Special for 2018?

Is electricity available?

Do I need a license?

What are the hours?

Can I sell food?

What are the space sizes?

How many vendors are allowed per space?

Are there any restricted items?

How can I get a boutique cabin?

How do I check in for a space on market day?

Do I have to charge sales tax on merchandise I sell?